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Providing Health Insurance

MMBB sponsors the PremierHealth medical and dental plans, in partnership with:

  • CIGNA HealthCare, the insurance company that provides medical and dental provider networks and handles claims;
  • Express Scripts, the pharmacy benefit manager that handles prescription drugs; and
  • UMR, the third-party administrator that assists with enrollment and information about coverage and cost.

To be eligible for PremierHealth insurance coverage, employees must be premium-paying members of Benefits for Life or the Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA). You may request an enrollment package from UMR by calling their toll-free number: 866.868.0502. The employee should complete the application and send it to UMR with a check for the initial month’s premium.

Coverage becomes effective on:

  • January 1 following the annual open enrollment period;
  • The first of the month following other initial enrollment or eligible change in enrollment; or
  • The first of the month following the loss of previous health insurance coverage.

To learn more, visit the following websites:

Call UMR at 866.868.0502.

Like other health insurance plans, MMBB’s costs continue to rise. Three primary factors contribute to these increasing costs.

  • The PremierHealth plan is open to everyone participating in BFL or contributing monthly payments to TDA. We see this as part of our mission to serve the better maintenance of the ministry.

  • An increase in high-cost claims.

  • The health care system in America includes practices that add costs.

You can play an important role in reducing the cost of health care. Encourage your staff to be stewards of their own health, just as they are stewards of the church. An annual physical examina- tion is a good starting point.

MMBB sponsors PremierHealth medical, prescription drug and dental plans. The following organizations partner to make PremierHealth medical, pharmacy and dental benefits available:

  • CIGNA HealthCare is the insurance company that provides the networks of CIGNA providers and handles medical and dental claims.
  • Express Scripts is the pharmacy benefit manager that handles prescriptions filled at local participating retail pharmacies and by mail order.
  • UMR provides enrollment assistance and information about eligibility and premium rates. As the employer, you will receive your monthly invoice from UMR, and you will send your premium payments to UMR.

From the MMBB Guide for Church-Related Employers. For the full guide, please visit our Download Documents & Resources section.