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Medical & Dental


MMBB’s PremierHealth plan is available to our pre-retired members who are enrolled in Benefits for Life or the Tax Deferred Annuity monthly contribution. Members who are retired and are receiving an MMBB annuity can enroll in The Hartford Senior Medical Insurance Plan, a Medicare Supplementary plan. Our health care plans are administered by UMR, a third party administrator.

Contact UMR for more information about:

  • The PremierHealth medical and dental plans available through Cigna; and
  • The Senior Medical Insurance Plan through The Hartford Insurance Company for annuitants who are Medicare-eligible.

If you need help managing your medical care, call a CignaHealth Advocate nurse. For general medical questions, please call Cigna’s 24-hour Health Information line.

For more information about prescription drug coverage:

  • PremierHealth members should contact Express Scripts
  • Senior Medical Insurance Plan members should contact CVS Caremark

MMBB has also provided information about federal health care reform, also known as the Affordable Care Act. Click here to view that information.

MMBB Provider Directory
PremierHealth: Eligibility, premiums, billing and enrollment assistance for actively employed or early retired members.

Senior Medical Insurance Plan: Eligibility, premiums, billing, enrollment assistance and claims processing for retired members who are Medicare-eligible.
866.868.0502 or
Senior Medical Insurance Plan claim status
PremierHealth benefits and Cigna providers

PremierHealth claim status
CIGNA Employee Assistance Program
Manage your prescription benefits-retail or mail order-according to coverage:
PremierHealth Express Scripts 800.987.5256 or
Senior Medical Insurance Plan CVS Caremark 800.966.5772 or
Medicare & Social Security
Medicare 877.267.2323 or
Social Security Administration 800.772.1213 or